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Search engines are commonly seen by individuals and corporations as a one way street to information: the search engines gives information and internet users take it.

99% of internet users ignore or prefer to ignore that they are themselves a precious information source for the search engine that records all of their requests: the search engine has become, at the same time, an incredible market search tools, an observatory of political opinions, a center of technological watch on companies and an observation tool of consumption habits of any internet user.

Google, AOL, Yahoo and other search engines record, quite discreetly, political, societal, personal and professional profiles of any internet user.

The study I have undertaken aims at pinpointing three search profiling impact in three areas:

  • marketing data management by companies,

  • protection of political and religious choices, as they can be observed by search engines,

  • right of access to personal data, recorded and stored by search engines.

Trough the search profiles of 5 AOL users based on their requests between march and june 2006, our research works account for basic analysis that can be conducted on any individual and set basics for a new area of webmarketing: search profiling.






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